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I improved the colour as the background of all my illustrations looked grey- i used the eyedrops tool in Photoshop for a brighter whiter look- this improved the final piece massively as the text is easier to read the the images are clearer to see.


Im overall very happy with the final piece its colourful look is appealing to children and the front and back cover stand out from the rest.

1front Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 page 11 back


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Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 16.09.39

First front and back cover


New and improved

The first front and back cover were pretty bad, in previous posts i explained how i zoomed in on the image which made it appear blurry. I decided to sharpen the image but that also didn’t work and made it look worse. In the end i decided to get a free image of textured paper and use this as my background as it still has a handmade look to it, similar to Charlie and Lola books. The Lion/lioness texture looks like spilled coffee which adds that golden colourful look. I drew on the black outlines and therefore use the back image as just a template and deleted after, this made the front and back cover clearer and more colourful. I also added a lightness on the back cover where the text is so it was easier to read; This change has ben such a improvement.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 page 11 back


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In the final piece i can see a clear inspiration from ‘I want my hat back’ due to the textures throughout, besides the use of black outline around characters. The front cover is a zoom in of one of my pages, when Leo wears palm leaves on his face, i used the spot healing brush to create a odd green background, looking like odd recycled green paper. the eyes of the lion remind me of the work of Beatrix Potter- i was a big fan of her work when i was a child and the illustrations were very colourful, or sometimes just plain yet still beautiful.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1902 PR9 C/O PR & RADISHES 7.6.9

Beatrix Potter

The eyes look like tear drops which i made like this to link to the fact the lioness is sad throughout- i think it also shows a emptiness inside showing the lioness doesn’t feel like itself.

The text brings the pages to life as the images are explained- the use of colours in the text help the reader understand who is talking, again inspired by ‘I want my hat back.’ Apart from in that book there are no ‘he said’ ‘she said’ pieces, yet i wanted to include this to emphasise use of gender throughout. The purple text is Lucy/Leo as it is considered a mystery colour suggesting the character is finding themselves. Purple is also associated with the Crown chakra included in yoga suggesting happiness and positivity; the lioness to lion is positive on the decisions made and has a mind set of who they want to become. I also used purple as i considered it to be a ‘feminine colour’ as a child, pinks and purple were stereotypically girl colours, but purple not as much, it personally says to be its a ‘tom boy’ type colour, a colour of change. I used blue for Stan as it is stereotypically a boy colour and shows the change in gender and character speech. Blue symbolises trust and devotion, in a way this shows Stan is learning Lucy/Leo’s situation throughout the book and is not a threat.

As part of my project i feel the connection with the reader has been a key part of the book- the children have a starting interest or curiosity about the subject of transgender, in which adults or older readers can help explain further what the child has read. I was indecisive on how to present Lucy/Leo, as i was going to originally say Lucy went on search for a mane, yet i feel this would confuse the reader as the lioness wants to be a male yet has a female name throughout- this would also confuse the audience saying ‘she’ throughout whilst searching for a mane. I therefore decided that Lucy would say before the search that there name was Leo and that ‘i am a male, so don’t call me she’ this emphasises to children that gender is what the person wants to be and that people should respect that with using the right pronoun. The audience age of my book i believe would be 8-11 as transgender is a difficult topic to explain to a younger generation, and further discussion maybe confuse them. This educational book also appeals to adults as the subject is very recent in the news and a matter some parents may want to discuss with children; the illustrations help to visualise the transgender theme as hand drawn images are similar to children’s, very simple and therefore concentrating more on the text and colours.

I will admit the front and back cover are not the best, they are blurry which i tried to improve in photoshop and other editing softwares but no luck- may be due to it being a zoomed in image, however the text appears blurry too; however overall i like the book i have created as a lot of books and stories i have found when researching were mainly to do with male to female transformations, and i wanted to focus on the opposite.


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I will not be using the top image as i don’t like the tongue, also the colour of the lioness is not the same as all the other images- i know this could be changed in Photoshop but i still feel it wouldn’t fit with the rest of the images as the black outline is different- also i accidentally ripped the page on the corner.


In Photoshop i will change top image to make it more central, any mistakes or paint marks i will remove with ‘spot healing tool’


If i were to do the top image again i would move the big leaf from the front of his face, however in a way this emphasis how big the leaves are. I would also change the black pen marks on the top parrot on the bottom image as there is a long black line down its back and looks odd.


I am happy how the sloths turned out as they look cheerful in compassion to Leo’s angry face and positioning The sun will be touched up in Photoshop.


The tree image is my favourite as the leaves falling down fill in space I considered a blue background, but inspired by ‘i want my hat back’ the black background gives a handmade look


If i were to do this page again i would make the giraffe less of a bright yellow as it stands out a lot- i would also improve the tigers face and stripes as these were from a original image of a tiger but were hard to redraw. The back lion also has a slug body, which i thought wasn’t noticeable to show they are in the far distance but when i showed people it was noted.


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I have completed the printing work- at times some small pieces would slip out of my hands or fall on a wrong area of the paper, therefore this method can be messy. I could have created a paint look on Photoshop for a quicker method, however i knew other people who were doing a method like this, also i prefer getting into painting and doing pen to paper work.


Sloth stamps


Black pen added to create lioness and sloths

The images here are from my sloth page, i aimed to not add paint around the face area of all the sloths so the expressions were clear to see. For all of my drawings, i got the original image and placed it behind my painting to get a clear outline and details- what i like about this effect is that the outline of the animals are not precise as sometimes the black pen goes into the paint or outside of the drawing, making it a imperfect piece, similar to children’s drawings. I enjoyed ‘The Garden Gang’ as a child as the illustrations had a very childlike, handmade, look to them- Ladybird books from early 1980s. From a child point of view it encouraged me to read them due to the childlike drawings. I also loved the English Roses because the drawings were not fully coloured in and white areas were obvious- i liked this imprecise look as a child and inspired by this, my drawings do have a similar look.


The English Roses- By Madonna


The Garden Gang

At times it was hard to see the drawing behind the paint, and i got frustrated as i had only done one page and no back ups, therefore i had to make sure it was good first time round, this could have been prevented if i created extra prints or did my work in a software. Besides this i believe the prints and drawing on top worked out very well, some came out better than others. I made sure the lioness looked sad in most of the images as Lucy is not able to find a mane- however near the end, Lucifer is happy and all the other animals show a bright cheerful expression.


Happy faces near end of book


Stamps with images stuck on for reference


End page, using other animals to show that Lucifer is loved by everyone


One of my favourite pages, sleeping lioness

I tried adding shades in areas e.g. orange with green in the leaves, as the leaves Lucy tried before were big green palm leaves, therefore i wanted them to look different and more colourful. Also adding orange suggest the leaves are old and feel down naturally.  the tiger was difficult to draw after printing as the amount of stripes were hard to count. Colours like brow and grey were not in my paint palette so i had to make them myself, these colours took practice and in Photoshop this would have been quicker- however i enjoyed the experimenting. For my sunset image i wanted to place it behind the lioness to create a mane look, i was worried i would create a afro type look, so i drew a image before as reference. I decided to make the foam stamp of the lioness and then make a sunset that worked around the animals head, so there would be no overlap of colour, in comparison to leaves and grass throughout the book. I wanted a blurred ombre type sunset, so i used yellow and orange and using the circle template blend.


Drawing from beginning of idea of story


Final page of sunset idea

The first time i tried this the paint bled onto the lioness, so i used less paint the second time. Throughout the whole book, i used a metallic gold on the lioness and lions to show they are the main characters- even though the metallic shiny look wont appear when i scan the drawings, it will be a different shade and will stand out, its a very warm colour.

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