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In our second workshop we learnt how to draw typeface which can be started using a grid on Adobe Indesign. Step by step on:–cms-23089

I used a ruler to try and get precise shape and lines- the letter created had to be measured to keep a consistent typeface; at first i found it challenging but after some practice i found it easier (Image 1) the only thing i would change is the thickness of my ‘H’ as it is heavier than the other letters. I added green felt tip to some letters to see how they looked like block and filled. I then used my name and created a font inspired by some pins on my Pinterest board- its a bold italic look just as a practice. (Image 2) -Useful link to glossary of typeface terminology.


Image 1


Image 2

Out of class, and inspired by ‘King Pong,’ I practice drawing squares and square shaped type. I have drawn similar to Dan Auers type and worked around a square, leaving very little space from the square; (Image 3.) I then worked on this square work and created a variation of types inspired by my original research (Image 4.) All these are trial and error- firstly i worked out the overall look off each letter, and then without the counter of the letters. I fitted the type into squares and filled the spaces with red pen, both spaced out and squares touching each other; i personally think it looks better touching as it looks like a mine and flows better. Reminds me of ‘MineCraft’ font/logo.


Image 3


Image 4

Following on with the squares touching i then removed the lines in-between to create a long rectangle; the text as you can see is unreadable as it appears as just red odd shapes. I reversed the colour scheme which made the text more colourful; this would be useful as a template for stamps- KingPong type is missing the ‘counter’ however i would like to include one in mine to make the font more readable. I will continue with development of type.

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