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I like the curve as it reminds of of the shape of a chocolate bar, similar to ‘concrete/ or shadow poetry’

This class on Photoshop gave me a idea of how to advertise my final piece font and how it would look overall. I added an image to a piece of text, using a image that relates can create a nice effect; the darker, the clearer. I feel this overall edit looks decorative and could be effective when emphasising a companies theme. The second task was to remove the text from a book and replace with other text and font- using healing brush tool. This will be useful when experimenting and replacing my font with others. Using provides quality design resources that i can place other objects and font onto, to get a sample of how it would be presented or shown- fake product photography/ mock ups. Using the same image i tried placing it onto a book and a bag. The reflections and textures that the download comes with makes the image look realistic and could help with my presentation next week when showing what my font would look like on various and desired objects. (Flatten image to add to e.g. bag.) I then used ‘edit/transform/warp’ to add a piece of text to a book to get a simple, rough idea of the tool- this tool could be used for the ‘GraphicBurger’ downloads but i discovered it doesn’t work at well- follow the rules provided.

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