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I finally created my foam type shapes, letter ‘A to I’ to get a variety of shapes and continuity of theme. It took a long time, as the stamp would occasionally move and slip- i resolved this by using a sponge to press on top of the stamp, as this made me apply less pressure and more control. I feel overall i could improve this because it is faded in areas and isn’t the best of my ability. This piece would look better if done via screen printing as it would look bolder, sharper and have a block colour, with a possible texture if desired.


From top to bottom- No outline, rough messy outline, clean straight outline.


Stamped type without outline

I wondered if i could add a outline around each letter, as i feel it would make it stand out a lot more and make the lines more crisp. I experimented (see left) with how i could further the look of the final piece; i personally believe the rough, messy looking outline gives the impression of handmade and imperfect, which links very much to how the stamps look on paper. I feel this type could work for a horror movie or horror game as it has a (sgraffito) disturbing look to it.

slender_man_wallpaper_by_garnetbarren-d71j1ufmaxresdefaultBelow, is the final piece shown in 2 different ways- the first is the original in black and white, and the second had the contrast turned up to create a more bold look, the outline of both help finish the piece off.Reminds me very much of ‘Slender’ game type, as it had a look that appears as if it has been carved into a tree- almost childish and messy. I think i prefer the grey looking one, as it has more texture and the stamp print is clearer.

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