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Original template

Untitled Infographic (Conflict Copy)

My positivity info-gram

My aim is to create a info graph showing the downfalls and problems Einstein faced, inspired by Anna Vita’s info graph with a timeline on his life. Parts of this timeline shows the negatives e.g. slow learner, “lazy dog student.” I want my info graph to be a positivity poster for a young target audience- high school age. This can be put into science rooms or to be shown as a way to help students be more optimistic and confident; Students should feel positive about showing progress or improvement and to not be in doubt.

Anna Vital is part of Funders and Founders where she designs templates for Piktogram. I used a template on this site to create a Einstein infographic of my own. I used a template that was originally for Breast Cancer Awareness; i changed the colours and tried to create a colour scheme of blue with hints of oranges and greens, with plenty of images that were included within the Piktogram site. I feel its faded and continuous theme blends the whole piece together; the subheadings are clear- the ‘positives’ ¬†pencil is yellow as it represents happiness and emphasises the optimistic approach, vice versa for blue and negatives. If i were to create this info-gram again i think i would use a brighter colour as blue can be depressing and dark- however blue reduces stress and can be calming therefore i believe the poster is pleasing to the eye. I would create my own images for the info-gram including Einsteins hair for a more homemade look- i feel this template could easily be created on Adobe Illustrator like we did in class.


12212060_10208068406010758_821088245_nUsing the site ‘Noun Project’ i used icons (vector graphics) to create a info graph as practice on Illustrator. This is a less colourful, simpler way of showing information, in a unique way e.g using the sheep as a scale and percentage. This particular type of inform uses images to show scales and directions- mines however is factual and¬†wordy.



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