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My first info graph was created online with a template; however using this original as a tester and a idea of where my information should go, i have created another using Photoshop. If the proportions of the page itself was bigger to what was set, i could have included my Einstein quotes which would have added a more personal touch as the words of Einstein himself could inspire others along side the info graph itself. This is a poster which can be placed in schools or purchased for more personal home use, as a way of inspiring and influencing people of all ages to be more positive and to not give up.

Untitled Infographic (Conflict Copy)

Attempt 1


Attempt 2



I kept the blue look as it has a calm look to it and compliments the white and black type- the dark teal gives a sad negative look, but as it fades to white is shows things are improving and getting better in life. The light green gives a tinted background and stands out from the rest of the poster, and links to the reason for the white colour use. The blue bottom of the poster links back to the topping brings to poster together.

Attempt two was presented during ‘one to one’ and with some feedback i changed a dew things to improve. The second piece has uneven text; a few finishing touches and it would look much more professional; I would change the font, but my software wouldn’t allow me to.



My third and final attempt was imported by making the POSITIVES area of type more central plus the drawing is more clear with a dark border. The NEGATIVES area is spaced out more so it is understandable and clearer to the reader. As you can see in attempt 1, the Einstein hair is not my own; however in attempt two and three i used this as a template to create my own hair for Einstein.


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