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Today i had thought of how to present Einstein and positivity within my smartphone phone display and computer or televisual display.


My first idea was inspired by some velcro i was looking at- i imaged them as all the little hairs on Einsteins as he was known for his wacky big, scruffy hairstyle. To include to positivity side of it, i have decided a good idea to spread encouragement and confidence- each hair when clicked on, can be a user of the website, spreading a positive message, or a story of how they failed but didn’t give up. The more users that have created a stand of hair, the more crazy and wacky Einsteins hair becomes: the website would start off with him being bald, which encourages people to give him his classic well known look. The users can be created by them logging with twitter- the user isn’t necessarily logged in permanently, but by using twitter it makes each strand personal, people could follow your twitter rom here if you comment was inspiring or interesting. The more users, the more contacts people can create and the more hairs on his head.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 18.57.06

E.g. Similar to how to log in with channel 4; using there content. The logging in wouldn’t take any personal information or post tweets for you.


My app idea is a variety of positive texts by celebrities, inventors etc including Einstein, to choose from and to share as a post and link on Facebook, twitter etc- this spreads some positivity onto the users pages and the people who follow them. This desired effect of this app and the website is to make users and viewers more eager in everyday tasks or jobs, and to realise it can take time to achieve. Einstein will be the logo of all of the 3 final pieces, to link them together. When linked together each final piece can be advertised in each other e.g. the poster could be downloaded on the website.


App layout idea; deciding just quotes or more than this.

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