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Sketched and scanned: icons for website


Einsteins bald head and moustache; numerous times

For starters i created Einsteins bald head and some icons i could include- this was then coloured in with marker pens and scanned in to be included; his took a long period of time to get what i desired as sometimes the moustache was uneven. The scans show my development for example deciding drawing air or a hair dryer to represent this action. I drew a open and closed door to represent the logging in and out of the site.

-page readyy

Attempt one

-page ready

Need to improve on set out


My first attempt was shown and i got feedback on how to improve it- as you can see it appears too spaced out and more app looking. I love the colour scheme tho and will be keeping this; it is simple and makes the face stand out from the background. I am keeping the logo for continuity and to show that all my designs link to the Einstein theme. Things need to be clearer of what each icons does so it is a easy navigating website. A download icon to he info graph would be useful too as it links it all together; people could print out or order the info graph posters for there own work or rooms.


Design idea before creating- how to was not considered as the users would not need to know throughout the usage. Might change position of title.



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