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Front view of Einstein- start up page


Mock up images of final website

CHANGES- In comparison to the first time I made the website (attempt one), a lot has changed- For starters the ellipsis on the right has gone from a drawn grey mark to white dots, as it is clearer for navigation. Further more a  icon for the info graph and the app has been made, as it allows users to be positive over numerous medias and to help link the ‘house style.’ I also added a dark blue faded border to give the website extra colour and depth- the site looks fuller and appealing. The logo was also moved so there was room for a ‘About’ and ‘Login/log out’ sign to make it clear for viewers- the white type of this is clear and readable on top of the dark blue. The open and closed doors symbolise logged in and out to make it extra clear for users. I brought the icons in as they are easier to see and to click.

how to


The reason for no eyes is because i was afraid of making him too animated- however i added blush cheeks to make Einstein seem friendly. The hair would cover this eye area, plus i wanted the viewer to visualise this person as themselves, taking all the positivity- therefore making Einstein almost emotionless and faceless represents he is everyone using the site.


This is what would appear when you click the ‘ADD’ icon


When clicking on other peoples strands, the site will let you have a closer look- the hair will become bigger on the screen allowing us to see the positive notes

page log out

Side view of Einsteins head, and logged into site- hold mouse to move head around: helps viewers decide where to place hairs.

page ready

This is what will appear after clicking ellipsis icon- the 10 recently added strands. This helps users find comments easily, maybe if there friends have recently added one, or that they don’t want to waste time clicking around all hairs.

page readyy

After ‘ABOUT’ is clicked off: this is the starting off page, Einstein facing forward.

page start up

ABOUT PAGE: Allows users to know before even entering site, but can be re-visited when clicked on ‘ABOUT.’

The reason for the hair dryer and comb icons is to add a little fun to the site- if users finish a hair strand, we can encourage them to stay on the website with a ‘dress up, style’ type game; once there is a lot of comments and hair, the hair dryer and comb may become more appealing which may encourage people to add more comments.

To improve the site if i had another chance, there would perhaps be something at the bottom of the site as this is empty, or some change of how the mouse would look, e.g. mouse changing to comb shape, or a pointing finger to place hair strand down etc.

I am overall happy with the end result as it is a different and interesting concept- i didn’t want to go down the actual theory side of Einstein, but something that all people of all ages would appreciate and use. The drawings add a nice handmade look to the site, and emphasises the idea of creativity. The set out is similar to a BBC Bizesize game, because of the bold outlines which shows the target audience is for perhaps this age and above.


I researched the use of the colour blue on projectors and devices as i remember learning how it keeps you awake at night when i use. The quote below is from the link (shown below) about the use of blue light. This shows that the blue light keeps people more awake and aware and that brain activity increases- for blue to be my main colour throughout both laptop and app devices, this is very beneficial: Keeping a alert brain and helping with sleep, helps the users of GUIDESTEIN. These colours are therefore linking to the positive theme, and is a calm yet bright colour. The blue in the background of the interactive website looks similar to the colour of the sky on a sunny day, representing bring futures ahead and positivity. The info graph below shows reasoning for use of particular colours, for example blue meaning trust, wisdom, confidence and intelligence.


“People exposed to blue light during the day reported less sleepiness than those exposed to green light during the same daytime period.

People exposed to daytime blue light displayed quicker reaction times, higher levels of alertness, and greater attention spans in performance tests, compared to people exposed to green light.

EEG tests showed alterations to brain activity that indicated heightened alertness among people exposed to blue light during the day. ”

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