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The aim of my app was to create a piece where users can upload and use positive quotes, images and videos; these positive things on the app can be shared by users to either Facebook Twitter or Pinterest.

APP APPaddstuff APPimagepage APPoptions

The options to add positivity can be done via phone library, take a picture, or use a link. This gives the user more freedom in what they wish to upload. The buttons at the top of the page is a easy navigation- the dented button is the page you will be currently on. When user presses Einstein logo, it will return to the home page, which is the recent positivity used on the site. Each positivity upload is easy to find, as they are labelled with a play button, camera image or quote symbols. I kept with the blue colour scheme but added a hint of mint green similar to the info graph.

APPquotesThe fade of blue to mint green blend i well with the main blue scroll area of the app pages. The light pastel colours are calming and link with the positivity, welcoming look. A search bar is for users who wish to search for a particular thing- if they don’t find what they desire, this may encourage users to upload. This set out is similar to ‘Dubsmash‘ as users can upload and allow others to use.APPvideos


‘Dubsmash setout

The site is very simple but i feel it would work very well- users are spending positivity and confidence to help there followers or friends.

To prevent trolls on both my website and my app, the comments and uploaded content would be verified.

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