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My design is targeted towards the hipster subculture- aged 20s to 30s, known for there expensive taste. In fact the first thing that comes up on google when you type ‘hipster’ is ‘hipster barber shops.’ This audience would be willing to use a barbers that is higher end for the quality of products and design- not a average mainstream consumer. They are the most likely the use the barbers as they are a large percentage of the market. The barbers will include navy dark blue; a colour that screams high end and compliments the gold logo. The links below are online articles on the trendy and sophisticated navy blue look; the third link, explains how the use of blue in packaging can represent honesty and reliability in a product- customers see this as mature and serious.

This company will appeal to hipster, however i believe it will suit all men due to its simplicity. I aim for classicality in the overall design, as high end looks do not appear complicated, as this can be distracting and unappealing.  I aim for the product bottles to be matte on the outside as it is subtle- wooden boxes for a number of products can have engraved logos and gold to use a continuous theme. The hipster audience are attracted to the use of wood, metal, overall construction and therefore the packaging links to the lumberjack beard look; there interest to vinyls and other old things, shows there appeal to the classic look. Simplicity and minimalism is very popular on Instagram due to choice of colour in every photo to have a themed post; a example of this is @Marycake who is currently taking images of red objects and surroundings for a continuous look.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 21.04.24


The reason for Instagram is due to the fact hipsters are popular users, and enjoy minimalist images and colours. Inspired by this my theme of navy blue and gold will flow throughout the whole of my design.

I went into town and found two Barbers- both were very similar on the outside, and both from a distance didn’t appear to stand out. Both in black and white logo and fonts, however closer up doesn’t have lack of images.


Lincoln Barbers


‘Moustashe’ collage Barbers

I would consider mine less white and more colourful to stand out from a far; further more i like the mustaches collage in the window of the Barbers as it shows personality and humour- the inside is very colourful and friendly. I want to move away from the blue and red barber shop pole look, as i feel it isn’t different enough, however to link to the Parisian look, the blue is still included, just darker for a expensive, quality look.

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