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I knew i wanted a wooden or metal business card to stand out from other services as many are a simple paper/card look. I feel business cards can say a lot about a company and there quality; seen as though ‘Le Barbe Magnifique’ want to create products for there customers along side being a barbers, i wanted to create a card that links these together and perhaps even be functional.


Click image for site (site provides gif of final piece)


Click for website

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.02.00

Google search of Barbers business cards; not very appealing and very typical colours. Appear to all be card/paper based.


I found some business cards that appealed to me the most, one was a card inside a small compartment, when taken out the holes made, make the blaze image move and snip. The other is a block of wood with a print that can be repeated and make business cards with the same set out every time which i thought was very useful, as it could be printed onto other products, boxes etc. I liked the idea of wood as it links to the background on the website and the rustic carpenter, hipster overall look.

I am creating a wooden thin business card with contact details and logo- it will also include ridges in to create a comb as it links to the business. Wood is biodegradable and the business card itself is purposeful. To create this as a mock up example, i found a image of a thin card shape of wood and removed the QR codes. I added my ‘B’ logo using the indent and shadow tools. I added a gold yellow tint inside the B, as the real business card with have gold paint inside the indent. My practice attempt i added teeth onto the card, however due to the card being my background image i couldn’t change the back, and looked strange; in my second attempt i then changed the comb to smaller thinner teeth which blended in better however the edges don’t look like teeth and more like indents, but i couldn’t change it due to my first problem.


Image found online as mock up

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 13.51.26

Wooden teeth onto card- practice and first attempt

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 14.17.00

Second attempt- Getting better

The wood was tinted to blend the teeth and business card; i then did the same to the card below- the end result is a little blurry however the logo would not become clear no matter what i saved it as at first. However, overall the mock up result shows clearly what is desired.

1384219421_P1010727 woodcard

Above are final mockup pieces of the wooden comb business card. I think its simplicity works well, however if i were to improve it i would include more colours from the theme like a navy outline.

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