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The product design has a dark blue and gold look to link to the overall ‘Le Barbe Magnifique’ theme. I downloaded a bottle image online and tripled it to show the variety of scents. The download included layers with reflection and light- i wanted a matte look, so i turned the shine down as this appear more high brand; I also applied a dark blue tint for an expensive professional look. I included the logo in the centre of the bottle sticker and used colours to identity scents- the ‘unscented’ is similar to the colour of the logo, the sandalwood scent links to the lumberjack, hipster appeal, and of course peppermint as green. I found it difficult at first on Photoshop as i need a lot of practice however after using the software in my spare time i have gained some experience without assistance.


Matte bottle- Beard oil mockup

I then created the beard balm, using the same sticker from the bottles onto little tins, once i got the hang of the software i understood the use of layering and repetition of colours in a companies theme.


Tin- Beard balm mockup

Tin- Beard balm mockup

I was also considering a wooden box for gift set or large products as it has it own case for all products at home and has a rustic feel; the box is similar to a wine box with a gold indent engrave on the front of the companies logo, including gold. With wood shavings or straw inside, the overall look links to the lumberjack industry and hipster style. I am very keen on the simplicity of the products as they all link together with colours and textures without being too, in your face.

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