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I went on Pinterest to find brochure examples, the Barbers ones were all very similar and were long rectangle, however i like the idea of the size and shape being similar to a architecture large type brochures as they appear more appealing to flick through

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.33.41

Pintrest search: Barbers brochure

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.35.33

Brochure ideas

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.35.45

Interesting layout of text in a image

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.35.59

Architecture interior design brochure

I like how big the pages are as they can hold a fair amount of information on them. I intend to have both images and info to appeal to ‘Le Barbe Magnifique’ target audience.


I started off using the dark blue and the logo- i changed the front page, because in my first attempt the logo was on the image and couldn’t be seen very well, however by changing the size of the image i made the logo fit like it will on every other page in the brochure. I included a ‘meet the team’ page as it creates a more friendly local look- every brochure would have changes to the images and text, so it can be personalised for every Barbers.


First front cover


Second front cover

To me it looks very, school like open day brochure, however does look professional and organised.


Meet the team brochure page


Products page

The ‘meet the team’ and ‘products’ page have the same set out, with a black and white wooden border for inside info pages. This simple look makes it a easy read and flick through for customers- it is a clear set out. I have decided that each page will have a Barber photography¬†page beside it, to add imagery and a way of linking the info to the brand. (Most of the brochure has fill text and squares for images in mockups.) I used my mock up of bottles as my product image to link to the info, again with the ‘Meet the team’ page as the customer and colleague are in shot.

Brochure mockup:


Product mockup page


‘Meet the team’ mockup

The gold edges of the paper adds a more expensive look linking to the logo. All images used have been referenced in my website post.

CONCLUSION- I am overall impressed with the final result as all work is similar and related- the colour choice and text is theme throughout.

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