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At first, i want to get a idea of how to create a interesting book for children, both storyline and characters- i want create a a book that has a issue that would be originally difficult or confusing to explain.


-Divorce, death in family, pet death, depression, disability, learning problems e.g. dyslexia, LGBT community e.g. gay, bi, trans explanation, social issues e.g. photoshopping models and wanting to look like someone else, eating disorder.

lonely tiger

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I discovered Rebecca Elliott’s blog, a children writer a illustrator, who created a post helping other with storylines and ways to get your book published. For characters she suggests children as it allows the child to imagine being in that situation- a target audience within the book. Another suggestion is animals or creatures as they can have a child like outlook within the book. I feel i may go with animals as i can create a more vibrant interesting book e.g. animal patterns, jungle etc. I must make sure my final piece has a interesting storyline that will attract children but also get adults attention.

UPDATE: 19/3/16

I considered creating a book that included shapes that fitted into holes that matched them, a shape doesn’t fit in the same holes as the others because they are different- the moral is that everyones bodies are different shape and sizes but we are all the same. However i decided not to use this idea as it would be difficult to explain to child that a shape is a different shape, but is the same as other shapes. I then considered a bear that wants to go into a mouse hole- he is so big that he cant fit in. In the end he manages to, and it turns out the grass is not greener on the other side. I however didn’t like this idea either as i found it quite plain, besides its odd concept; I will keep considering ideas.

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