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I am considering a transgender story as it is a popular topic in the news and bases around the idea of being treated the same no matter what. I did research on existing books based on this theme, and came across Lilly Mossiano, a transgender mother who has created books that will help children with transgender parents, understand the process of transitioning and the concept of gender identity. These two books prevent confusion to children and mistrust of transgender; i feel these books are very educational as it emphasises the surgery and mental change during transition.


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The reason why i picked this topic is because of Caitlyn Jenner and the transition from Bruce, to the person she believed she was inside. Also i am a big fan of ‘Orange is the New Black’ the story of Sophia Burset (actor Laverne Cox) and the struggles she faces in a female prison. Laverne at a young aged bullied for years for not acting “the way someone assigned male at birth was supposed to act.” Both her role in the series and her life is very inspiring and i feel there should be more books for children based on this theme.


Click image for interview- Laverne Cox, Real gender freedom

I was a fan of ‘the boy in the dress’ by David Walliams as my mum bought us the book when we were younger. However, I have noticed there are a lot of transgender stories that are based around changing from male to female, but not a lot female to male. If i were to create a book about transgender i would like to do it based on a female wanting to become a male.

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