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I have completed my story and tried to use rhyming within it. This may not be the final piece, but so far, this is what i have done. I am pretty happy with it, as the idea of being called ‘she’ at the start and then ‘he’ when the lioness decides to find a mane, shows the readers that the animal has decided to change gender and what the reader should call them.


‘I want my hat back’ Jon Klassen (Author, Illustrator)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.35.04

My final lioness story- name idea ‘lioness to lion’ ‘Lucy to lucifer’ UPDATE 11.4.16- Decided to change the name Lucifer to Leo


Colours have been used in the text to show different characters inspired by ‘I want my hat back’ as it gives the child a idea of who is speaking with the use of ‘she said’ ‘he asked’ etc, also signalling the person reading out loud e.g. parent to use another voice for another character due to the change in colour. I love how ‘I want my hat back’ also has a print look to it- the bears fur has a shading look to it which makes it appear more three dimensional; I have decided on a print based illustration, as it has a old, hand made look- by using bright colours it will attract the children and adult readers.

Andrea Lauren, also known as Inkprintrepeat, creates interesting prints that appear complicated- in the images they appear like they are made of wood, however i have experienced this in sixth form, and made pieces out of carved lino print.


Click image for original post- Andrea Lauren

Inspired by this, I would have done a lino print as the page could be a block of colour or numerous lino prints or styrofoam pieces on top of each other to create a interesting colour palette, however this would be extremely time consuming. I therefore bought some foam pieces which links to the work i did in typography brief, and this way i can overlap colours to create trees, grass, animals. I can create small shapes and repeat them with the same foam piece, i will be able to clean the foam and use other colours.

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