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Inspired by transgender news and topics, i have decided to do a lioness that wants to become a lion- this will be targeted at ages 9-11 as it is a topic that is difficult to explain to younger children. Also the idea of someone wanting to be something else also links to not just gender, children could just see the book as a animal not happy with how they are now, and changing to feel better. Of course the lioness cant have a sex change in the book, so i have decided to focus it on the mane- the lioness will want to look like a lion and create a mane out of things in the jungle.


Image i found on Facebook

I found a transgender poster image on someones Facebook page (unfortunately i don’t know the source, however it appears it is from the NHS.) The image explains the do’s and don’ts of what to say to a transgender male or female; as some people are unaware and may offend. This can help me write my book so i don’t offend and give a clear storyline.

I also aim to make the story rhyme as i feel this appeals more to children and keeps the interest. The Lorax, by Dr, Seuss explains how the environment and animals change or leave after destroying the trees around them. I feel the rhyming for Dr.Seuss allows the readers to keep interested and educated.


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