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I am currently in the process of creating the pages for my children’s book. I firstly found images of the animals needed for my book and traced the outline, i worked on top of these with black ball point and photocopied these so i have a extra copy in case of mistakes. I then cut around the photocopy pieces and stuck them onto foam to create stamps- these stamps are kept in case i need them for other pages, or any interesting shapes within them. For other shapes such as the lake, i didn’t need templates as i did it as i went along, that way i can fit it to the page in a way i desire. So far the process is very effective and strangely easier than brief one typography, i think this may be due to it being a more watered down paint, and a different type of foam sheet. I make sure i don’t have too much paint on the foam as this can create a vein splatter when taking the foam off the paper.


Page 1


Page 2


Page 2 stencil template foam piece


Foam piece page 2

Once all my prints are done i will begin to draw a black outline and the details within the animals-  am indecisive wether to draw around other objects too, but perhaps just the animals would be best as it focuses on the things we want to the audience to look at e.g. main characters. I decided to do a rectangular book, landscape- i was originally going to have a round book, or a rectangular book with round edges, but seen as tho this is a serious topic about transgender  and transformations, i didn’t want the children of the book to feel like they were being treated younger than they are.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.59.42

Amy rice boat work with relief printing Click image for original source

I discovered Amy Rice on Flickr with her printing method: sea of relief prints. “I was attracted to the idea of cutting stencils of ships with big sails mainly because I knew they would make such nice delivery mechanisms for patterns.” Relief printing is where the recessed areas of a cut out shape are ink free to create patterned once pressed. Even tho so far my pieces have been block colour, i wouldn’t mind adding some pattern e.g. pressing and creating dints in the foam before printing to create a pattern- this could be used for animal pattern, or the trees in my piece. I feel this would make a more interesting more complicated looking illustration, but only in certain areas as i don’t want it to appear too complex.

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