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I have completed the printing work- at times some small pieces would slip out of my hands or fall on a wrong area of the paper, therefore this method can be messy. I could have created a paint look on Photoshop for a quicker method, however i knew other people who were doing a method like this, also i prefer getting into painting and doing pen to paper work.


Sloth stamps


Black pen added to create lioness and sloths

The images here are from my sloth page, i aimed to not add paint around the face area of all the sloths so the expressions were clear to see. For all of my drawings, i got the original image and placed it behind my painting to get a clear outline and details- what i like about this effect is that the outline of the animals are not precise as sometimes the black pen goes into the paint or outside of the drawing, making it a imperfect piece, similar to children’s drawings. I enjoyed ‘The Garden Gang’ as a child as the illustrations had a very childlike, handmade, look to them- Ladybird books from early 1980s. From a child point of view it encouraged me to read them due to the childlike drawings. I also loved the English Roses because the drawings were not fully coloured in and white areas were obvious- i liked this¬†imprecise look as a child and inspired by this, my drawings do have a similar look.


The English Roses- By Madonna


The Garden Gang

At times it was hard to see the drawing behind the paint, and i got frustrated as i had only done one page and no back ups, therefore i had to make sure it was good first time round, this could have been prevented if i created extra prints or did my work in a software. Besides this i believe the prints and drawing on top worked out very well, some came out better than others. I made sure the lioness looked sad in most of the images as Lucy is not able to find a mane- however near the end, Lucifer is happy and all the other animals show a bright cheerful expression.


Happy faces near end of book


Stamps with images stuck on for reference


End page, using other animals to show that Lucifer is loved by everyone


One of my favourite pages, sleeping lioness

I tried adding shades in areas e.g. orange with green in the leaves, as the leaves Lucy tried before were big green palm leaves, therefore i wanted them to look different and more colourful. Also adding orange suggest the leaves are old and feel down naturally.  the tiger was difficult to draw after printing as the amount of stripes were hard to count. Colours like brow and grey were not in my paint palette so i had to make them myself, these colours took practice and in Photoshop this would have been quicker- however i enjoyed the experimenting. For my sunset image i wanted to place it behind the lioness to create a mane look, i was worried i would create a afro type look, so i drew a image before as reference. I decided to make the foam stamp of the lioness and then make a sunset that worked around the animals head, so there would be no overlap of colour, in comparison to leaves and grass throughout the book. I wanted a blurred ombre type sunset, so i used yellow and orange and using the circle template blend.


Drawing from beginning of idea of story


Final page of sunset idea

The first time i tried this the paint bled onto the lioness, so i used less paint the second time. Throughout the whole book, i used a metallic gold on the lioness and lions to show they are the main characters- even though the metallic shiny look wont appear when i scan the drawings, it will be a different shade and will stand out, its a very warm colour.

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