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I will not be using the top image as i don’t like the tongue, also the colour of the lioness is not the same as all the other images- i know this could be changed in Photoshop but i still feel it wouldn’t fit with the rest of the images as the black outline is different- also i accidentally ripped the page on the corner.


In Photoshop i will change top image to make it more central, any mistakes or paint marks i will remove with ‘spot healing tool’


If i were to do the top image again i would move the big leaf from the front of his face, however in a way this emphasis how big the leaves are. I would also change the black pen marks on the top parrot on the bottom image as there is a long black line down its back and looks odd.


I am happy how the sloths turned out as they look cheerful in compassion to Leo’s angry face and positioning The sun will be touched up in Photoshop.


The tree image is my favourite as the leaves falling down fill in space I considered a blue background, but inspired by ‘i want my hat back’ the black background gives a handmade look


If i were to do this page again i would make the giraffe less of a bright yellow as it stands out a lot- i would also improve the tigers face and stripes as these were from a original image of a tiger but were hard to redraw. The back lion also has a slug body, which i thought wasn’t noticeable to show they are in the far distance but when i showed people it was noted.

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