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I am currently in the process of creating the pages for my children’s book. I firstly found images of the animals needed for my book and traced the outline, i worked on top of these with black ball point and photocopied these so i have a extra copy in case of mistakes. I then cut around the photocopy pieces and stuck them onto foam to create stamps- these stamps are kept in case i need them for other pages, or any interesting shapes within them. For other shapes such as the lake, i didn’t need templates as i did it as i went along, that way i can fit it to the page in a way i desire. So far the process is very effective and strangely easier than brief one typography, i think this may be due to it being a more watered down paint, and a different type of foam sheet. I make sure i don’t have too much paint on the foam as this can create a vein splatter when taking the foam off the paper.


Page 1


Page 2


Page 2 stencil template foam piece


Foam piece page 2

Once all my prints are done i will begin to draw a black outline and the details within the animals-  am indecisive wether to draw around other objects too, but perhaps just the animals would be best as it focuses on the things we want to the audience to look at e.g. main characters. I decided to do a rectangular book, landscape- i was originally going to have a round book, or a rectangular book with round edges, but seen as tho this is a serious topic about transgender  and transformations, i didn’t want the children of the book to feel like they were being treated younger than they are.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.59.42

Amy rice boat work with relief printing Click image for original source

I discovered Amy Rice on Flickr with her printing method: sea of relief prints. “I was attracted to the idea of cutting stencils of ships with big sails mainly because I knew they would make such nice delivery mechanisms for patterns.” Relief printing is where the recessed areas of a cut out shape are ink free to create patterned once pressed. Even tho so far my pieces have been block colour, i wouldn’t mind adding some pattern e.g. pressing and creating dints in the foam before printing to create a pattern- this could be used for animal pattern, or the trees in my piece. I feel this would make a more interesting more complicated looking illustration, but only in certain areas as i don’t want it to appear too complex.


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I have completed my story and tried to use rhyming within it. This may not be the final piece, but so far, this is what i have done. I am pretty happy with it, as the idea of being called ‘she’ at the start and then ‘he’ when the lioness decides to find a mane, shows the readers that the animal has decided to change gender and what the reader should call them.


‘I want my hat back’ Jon Klassen (Author, Illustrator)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.35.04

My final lioness story- name idea ‘lioness to lion’ ‘Lucy to lucifer’ UPDATE 11.4.16- Decided to change the name Lucifer to Leo


Colours have been used in the text to show different characters inspired by ‘I want my hat back’ as it gives the child a idea of who is speaking with the use of ‘she said’ ‘he asked’ etc, also signalling the person reading out loud e.g. parent to use another voice for another character due to the change in colour. I love how ‘I want my hat back’ also has a print look to it- the bears fur has a shading look to it which makes it appear more three dimensional; I have decided on a print based illustration, as it has a old, hand made look- by using bright colours it will attract the children and adult readers.

Andrea Lauren, also known as Inkprintrepeat, creates interesting prints that appear complicated- in the images they appear like they are made of wood, however i have experienced this in sixth form, and made pieces out of carved lino print.


Click image for original post- Andrea Lauren

Inspired by this, I would have done a lino print as the page could be a block of colour or numerous lino prints or styrofoam pieces on top of each other to create a interesting colour palette, however this would be extremely time consuming. I therefore bought some foam pieces which links to the work i did in typography brief, and this way i can overlap colours to create trees, grass, animals. I can create small shapes and repeat them with the same foam piece, i will be able to clean the foam and use other colours.


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Inspired by transgender news and topics, i have decided to do a lioness that wants to become a lion- this will be targeted at ages 9-11 as it is a topic that is difficult to explain to younger children. Also the idea of someone wanting to be something else also links to not just gender, children could just see the book as a animal not happy with how they are now, and changing to feel better. Of course the lioness cant have a sex change in the book, so i have decided to focus it on the mane- the lioness will want to look like a lion and create a mane out of things in the jungle.


Image i found on Facebook

I found a transgender poster image on someones Facebook page (unfortunately i don’t know the source, however it appears it is from the NHS.) The image explains the do’s and don’ts of what to say to a transgender male or female; as some people are unaware and may offend. This can help me write my book so i don’t offend and give a clear storyline.

I also aim to make the story rhyme as i feel this appeals more to children and keeps the interest. The Lorax, by Dr, Seuss explains how the environment and animals change or leave after destroying the trees around them. I feel the rhyming for Dr.Seuss allows the readers to keep interested and educated.



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I am considering a transgender story as it is a popular topic in the news and bases around the idea of being treated the same no matter what. I did research on existing books based on this theme, and came across Lilly Mossiano, a transgender mother who has created books that will help children with transgender parents, understand the process of transitioning and the concept of gender identity. These two books prevent confusion to children and mistrust of transgender; i feel these books are very educational as it emphasises the surgery and mental change during transition.


Click image for book stories and writer info


The reason why i picked this topic is because of Caitlyn Jenner and the transition from Bruce, to the person she believed she was inside. Also i am a big fan of ‘Orange is the New Black’ the story of Sophia Burset (actor Laverne Cox) and the struggles she faces in a female prison. Laverne at a young aged bullied for years for not acting “the way someone assigned male at birth was supposed to act.” Both her role in the series and her life is very inspiring and i feel there should be more books for children based on this theme.


Click image for interview- Laverne Cox, Real gender freedom

I was a fan of ‘the boy in the dress’ by David Walliams as my mum bought us the book when we were younger. However, I have noticed there are a lot of transgender stories that are based around changing from male to female, but not a lot female to male. If i were to create a book about transgender i would like to do it based on a female wanting to become a male.


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At first, i want to get a idea of how to create a interesting book for children, both storyline and characters- i want create a a book that has a issue that would be originally difficult or confusing to explain.


-Divorce, death in family, pet death, depression, disability, learning problems e.g. dyslexia, LGBT community e.g. gay, bi, trans explanation, social issues e.g. photoshopping models and wanting to look like someone else, eating disorder.

lonely tiger

Click image for website

I discovered Rebecca Elliott’s blog, a children writer a illustrator, who created a post helping other with storylines and ways to get your book published. For characters she suggests children as it allows the child to imagine being in that situation- a target audience within the book. Another suggestion is animals or creatures as they can have a child like outlook within the book. I feel i may go with animals as i can create a more vibrant interesting book e.g. animal patterns, jungle etc. I must make sure my final piece has a interesting storyline that will attract children but also get adults attention.

UPDATE: 19/3/16

I considered creating a book that included shapes that fitted into holes that matched them, a shape doesn’t fit in the same holes as the others because they are different- the moral is that everyones bodies are different shape and sizes but we are all the same. However i decided not to use this idea as it would be difficult to explain to child that a shape is a different shape, but is the same as other shapes. I then considered a bear that wants to go into a mouse hole- he is so big that he cant fit in. In the end he manages to, and it turns out the grass is not greener on the other side. I however didn’t like this idea either as i found it quite plain, besides its odd concept; I will keep considering ideas.

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